Considerations For Mobile Home Exterior Siding Replacement

Exterior siding replacement is a fantastic way to upgrade the look and value of your mobile home. Over the years, exterior siding options have improved dramatically. The newer siding of today not only looks better but also performs better even in extreme climates. Replacing the siding on a mobile home is identical to replacing the siding on a stick-built home. The only difference is if your mobile home has skirting that you don't plan to replace. [Read More]

Here's What To Expect When Attending A Window Shade Showroom Demonstration

Are you thinking about investing in new window shades for your home now or in the near future? Attending a window shade showroom demonstration can help you figure out what type of shades are the best fit for your household. Here are a few things you should expect when participating in such a demonstration: The Ability to Interact with Products One important thing you will do during a window shade showroom demonstration is interact with the various products that are being showcased. [Read More]

5 Reasons To Upgrade Your Patio Door To Vinyl

When shopping for a new patio door, there will be several options for frame material. Wood and metal doors are two choices, but perhaps the best option to consider is a vinyl patio door. These are a few of the reasons to go with vinyl. 1. Easy Care Patio doors are different than other doors in the house, as they are just as much window as door. Frequent opening and closing can put stress on some door materials. [Read More]

Designer Window Shade Variables

Window shades are shades that control the amount of ultraviolet light that enters your residence. Designer shades can be used to filter radiant rays and add beauty to your home's interior or an enclosed screen porch. Choose a texture, pattern, color, and shade style that will beautify each room in your home. Texture Textured shades include pleated and bamboo coverings. Pleated varieties will contain strips of vinyl or fabric that overlap. Pleated varieties are often called Roman shades. [Read More]