The Five Main Types Of Window Locks

Window locks provide an extra degree of security to your home. There are five main categories of window locks, all of which perform the same function, but operate in different ways and are best suited for different kinds of windows. Understanding the differences between these five main groups can help you choose the lock that best fits your home's design and needs. Sliding Locks Like their name suggests, sliding locks are designed for use with sliding windows, and prevent the window from moving at all. [Read More]

New Rain Gutters? Use The Old Ones For Planting Flowers

If you are having new rain gutters, also known as an eavestrough, put on your home, you can upcycle the ones they take down and plant flowers in them. Below is some information about the installation of  your new rain gutters, and some ideas on how you can use them for flowers. Rain Gutters Rain gutters are attached to the fascia and run the entire length of your roof. Without gutters, water would run off your roof, down the side of your home, and pool on the ground around your foundation, which can cause damage. [Read More]

Is Condensation Damaging Your Window Tint? Find Out What You Can Do

Window condensation, sometimes referred to as sweating, is an issue most often caused by excess moisture inside your home. During the winter when the temperate inside your home is warmer, and just after a shower when the air is more humid, are two of the most common scenarios that can cause this issue. While condensation isn't a major issue, if your home windows are tinted, condensation is an issue you want to pay attention to. [Read More]